Thursday, October 22, 2009

A snuggling day

Mom has been pretty sad today. When my dad and I got to the nursing home just after lunch we found out she hadn't eaten much for lunch or breakfast. Dad and I had a bone to pick with the administrators at PV about a few issues. The main one being that my mom fell during an outing "activity" put on by the nursing home. On Tuesday a nurse called my dad to ask if my mom could go on an outing in the van with some of the other residents. My dad was reluctant to let her go, but he was assured that she wouldn't be walking anywhere unassisted. Well, she was left unattended when the were unloading patients from the van and she fell over the curb. Thankfully, her worst injuries were cuts and bruises, but it was inexcusable. So, today my dad and I had a nice little chat to let them know exactly what we expect from now on. People cried and were written up. I'm going to say it was a good meeting.

Anyway, what it doesn't do is take away the fact that Mom's left side of her face looks like she had a wisdom tooth removed. My guess is it hurts to chew food, too. We quickly solved that with a large Chocolate Elvis from Planet Smoothie as an afternoon snack, not to mention three scoops of ice cream after dinner.

She hasn't been able to tell us why she is crying. I wish sometimes I could peak inside her mind and see what she is thinking. I've snuggled with her in bed a lot today and that seems to make her feel better. Im sure Mom would agree there is nothing better than a Mama snuggling her baby - even if her baby is all grown up.

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Corby and Lauren said...

Great pictures... as usual, tears on this end of the computer! I'm glad that the talk went well... i want to hear more! I'll try to call you sometime today!

Cherry said...

Mary Virginia:
You are so right, "there is nothing better than a Mama snuggling her baby - even if her baby is all grown up". Your mom has to be so proud that she has a daughter so wonderful, and that is worth more than anything imaginable. The emotion involved in dealing with nursing homes & issues that come up take a tremendous amount of energy. May God bless you, & your whole family as you love on your dear mom. Your heavenly crown is being prepared even now.

Linds said...

Mare, that's terrible. Glad that you and your dad were able to set them straight. I'll be interested to hear the rest of the story. I love the picture of you snuggling with your momma-- and yes, there's nothing better :) I always sing "I'll love you forever" to Brayden-- I am sure that if your mom could, she'd sing it too! Love you!

Julia said...

I am so glad you're there. And the pictures are beautiful! I'm sure if you could peak inside of her mind you would find and overflowing of love for you. I'm so proud of you. Love you!

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