Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting settled

We are getting settled into our home since our move on Saturday. Reid's parents came in town over the weekend to help which was much appreciated! All that is left is some basic closet organizing (since we shrunk from circa 2005-size closets to circa 1958-size closets), moving some of Reid's old college boxes to the attic (yes, he still has unpacked boxes from college), a couple more coats of paint on the study, and boxes of things that go in the study.

Today was the first day it really felt like home to me, though. It was the first time I didn't pass our house when I drove down the street. Those first few days it really felt weird driving home to this house instead of the apartment. And, of course, I cried when we picked up our last load from the apartment last night. Even though it was an apartment it felt like a house, and for three years it was our home. It was the first place we lived together. I'll remember it forever.

Tonight I made dinner for the first time in my new kitchen! It was so much easier with more counter space. See, I wasn't sad about our apartment for long!

Hopefully, I'll get to post some pictures tomorrow.

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