Monday, November 9, 2009


Thank you for your encouragement! It means so much to have your support - whether I know you or not, or hear from you or not! Thank you!

After arriving last night and further thinking through the situation, my dad and I have decided not to make any drastic moves as far as her care is concerned. We do, however, agree that something isn't quite right and we need to do everything we can to figure out what is wrong.

For now she will stay at PV. They are doing full blood work up and head x-rays at our request. My fear is that something happened when she fell several weeks ago, so we are starting there. Once we get the results we'll determine what our next move needs to be. If I've learned anything it's that things must be thought out rationally. Thankfully, for this circumstance, my dad doesn't make decisions quickly and I rush into them - we are balancing eachother nicely!

Please pray that we find something that can be easily treated and that her environment doesn't have to change!

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Linds said...

praying, praying! I may try to give you a call tonight. Love you friend!

Christy said...

Definitely praying my dear! Keep us posted! May God give you all strength!

Cherry said...

I am so sorry Mary Virgina. I am praying for your mom, your dad, you, your husband and your siblings. May God pour out His peace, His love, and His encouragement on all of you.


Lindsey said...

Oh goodness, I am so sorry. Hugs and prayers to you and yours!

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