Tuesday, December 1, 2009

House Pictures

Well, we are settled into our house and we love it! Reid was home from the 20th until this past Sunday which was a wonderful treat! We loved coming home from Thanksgiving in Little Rock to our HOME - we've been ushered even further into adulthood! Every life step we take brings us closer together, and buying a house was no exception.

Reid and I came home from Little Rock on Friday so we could have a few days to finish unpacking, painting his study, and spend some quality time together. He left yeasterday and won't be back until a few days before Christmas so it was good to have the weekend together.

Anyway, yesterday after he left I tackled the last of the boxes! We are officially unpacked AND settled. Here are pictures of a few of the rooms. I'll finish taking the others tomorrow. Enjoy!

Family Room. We still have to hang a lot of our pictures and I have been ordered to wait for Reid to do that!

Breakfast area off the kitchen. Still needs pictures hung.

Kitchen looking toward dining room doors.

Kitchen looking into breakfast area.

My desk in the kitchen. Need a chair.

Goodwill boxes or TV equipment in the den area where the furniture that's being delivered tomorrow will go!

My winter flowers! I planted them myself

Our first tree in our house!

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Linds said...

Mare it's SOOOOO cute! I love you dining room table! I need to come and visit soon-- maybe sometime after Christmas :)

Craig and Erin said...

I love it mare! you did a great job decorating!

Michelle said...

Its so cute! Can't wait to come stay! you did an awesome job!

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