Monday, December 7, 2009

The Reason for the Season

I don't think I even really realized it until last year when my mom wasn't with us for Christmas. Everything was different. I didn't want the gifts I had been so excited to get from Reid. I didn't want to spend Christmas money. I didn't want anything. I was disgusted that the focus was so skewed. My feelings haven't changed. I think it is sad that a sacred holiday has become an excuse to give thousands of dollars of gifts. Its made me realize I want to be very intentional about the traditions I start with my own kids someday. Not to say there won't be gifts, but I don't want gifts to be the focus of Christmas Day.

That said, my friend Jennifer (Luke and Emerson's Mom) sent me this video about the Advent Conspiracy today. I think it says it all.


Linds said...

Mare, that was SO good! We have already started Christmas traditions with B, although I doubt he'll remember anything this year. I totally agree with it... perhaps a blog is coming on this very subject. Hmmmm.

The Smiths said...

LOVE this!

Saona Jackson said...

Advent Conspiracy is awesome! So glad you are spreading the word about it. I'm always inspired by your blog, Mar!

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