Saturday, January 2, 2010

Meet Samson

I am excited to introduce the newest member of the Grandle family. You might remember the post a few months ago about Reid and me secretly emailing the silver lab breeder at the same time with the hope of surprising each other with a puppy. I got too excited to keep my correspondence a secret and finally told Reid what I was planning to do. Well, Reid decided to keep up the communication and surprise me with a puppy for our three year anniversary. It worked and I was shocked! We picked him out yesterday and went back today to bring him home. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Amber said...

This little guy is adorable! Have so much fun with him and congrats on 3 years!!!!

Mary Marshall Smith said...

He is precious! Kyle and I are super jealous!

p.s. frozen baby carrots make great puppy snacks.

Linds said...

He's precious! You're well on your way to a "real" baby, as dogs are great practice ;o)

Patience said...

He is so cute! Makes me want a puppy! L would kill me since we have three furbabies already.

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