Monday, January 4, 2010

Samson's first days home

I promise not to become one of those people that posts about their dog all the time once I get over how darn cute he is! Tonight will be his third night at our house. He has been sleeping in his crate and handled the first night like a champ. Last night was a little more rough... I was up at 5 this morning and saw little point in going back to bed. We're just figuring each other out, and I'm thankful Reid was all about buying dog books so I know that already. I'm doing my best to enjoy the puppy stage while while it lasts because his parents were both about 100 pounds!;)

First time in the yard
Stretch and play
His new favorite toy - a stuffing-free mallard
Mama and baby are so tired!
(It's horribly hard but we decided not to let him on the furniture even as a puppy. He has a bed he usually chooses not to sleep on.)


allison & bill said...

so cute! it is SO hard to not let them on the furniture. i sorta gave in when bill was out of town and now she thinks its ok. oops! good luck with the puppy stage, its not as bad as they say! samson is too cute!

The Smiths said...

oh my gosh...that pictures of y'all sleeping together is adorable!

Linds said...

he's adorable! And yes, it's hard not to let him on there now, but when he's old and stinky you won't regret it. Toby is only allowed on furniture if he's on a blanket WITH us. Glad you're enjoying your new baby :)

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