Sunday, February 28, 2010

2 Months and a lot Bigger!

Yesterday marked eight weeks since we brought Samson home. I thought I would do a little comparison to show you how much he has grown in two months! He's not so little anymore!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Because I Couldn't Resist

LC and Lauren know how to have a good time.

Our Snowy Weekend

This post is a week late. Oops. I feel like we are finally getting in a new routine with Reid being gone four days a week. Don't get me wrong, it is SO much better than the two weekends a month that he would come home while on his Switzerland case, but with every new case we go through an adjustment period.

Last Friday, after Dallas ended up with (something like) 10 inches of snow, our house lost electricity. It was such a bummer. Mainly because we only have the weekends together as it is. Then throw a puppy who doesn't have all of his shots and is too young to be boarded anywhere in the mix. Ugh. All things considered, God and I talked quite a bit last weekend (more to come in another post), and we were so blessed to be able to stay with Lauren, Corby, and Harper Pardue until Sunday when our power did come back!

Since my camera was left at home in our cold house, you can click over to Lauren's blog to see a few pictures that she took from our weekend with them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Valentines Weekend

Starts now ;)

-- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three Months Already?

Let me preface by saying that this post is not intended to offend anyone. I have learned over this past year, while having the privilege of watching your babies grow, that every human life is a true little miracle from the Lord.

On Thursday, I spent the morning taking pictures of Samson in the snow. I then came inside and spent time editing those pictures. A few hours later I realized I had just spent my entire morning doing things for my dog. Not my child, my dog. I was a little embarrassed. So, to make light of the situation, I decided to write a post inspired by my mommy friends.


Tomorrow you will be three months old! Your Dad and I just can't believe how much you've grown since you came to be part of our family. Your 12 week check up isn't until Thursday, but I'll do my best to remember your latest stats.

On February 5 you weighed in at a whopping 22.8 pounds and are gaining about three pounds a week! I'd say that's 90th percentile.

Your head measures 13 tall inches from the ground. And you are ~32 inches long when you stretch out completely. Everyone at the Vet gets so excited when you come to visit. They think you are so cute!

You thrive on a schedule and you act out when it gets thrown off.

I only have to get up once in the night to let you out. You can make it about 5 hours in your crate at night and 4 during the day.

You've been house broken since you were nine weeks old!

You eat one cup of Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Osteo and Digest three times a day.

You like to chew raw hides, but you LOVE to eat bark from the backyard.

You love to play fetch with the tennis ball.

Your favorite place to nap is under my desk in the kitchen.

You love having your belly rubbed, but you hate to be patted.

You have learned to sit and lay down. Sometimes you will stay. It's hit or miss, but you'll figure it out soon.

You get really excited when people come over to visit. And, I can tell you are going to like kids!

Samson, I really am so glad that we chose you! You brighten our days and make us smile. We love you, little guy!



Thursday, February 11, 2010

A February Snow Day

Dallas finally got a little bit of what all of our friends and family in Arkansas have been talking about! Its a snow day! Now, lets just pray Reid's flight can make it to Dallas tonight.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Since I can't remember who I've told... Class of...

2010. Or that's the joke that has been made. It all started at the end of my senior year in 2006. I was done... All one hundred and twenty-something hours... except, those last three hours of French. I had planned to take them in summer school (you can still "walk" with up to six hours to take in summer school) in Fayetteville, but the thought of living away from home any longer was painful. I also got a job and was supposed to start work in June. I was in a jam. I was talking about it at lunch at the Pi Phi house one day and someone suggested I take French by correspondence. They did, and it was a piece of cake. Looking back, its a good thing I can't remember who that person was that suggested I take those last three hours by correspondence because I would probably say something rude if I saw them today. I'm just being honest. Anyway, I tried to complete the French class via correspondence twice and failed what I thought was only the first time. Long story short, I found out in October that I still needed to take the French class to graduate. Lovely. My biggest fear was telling Reid and my dad. Reid was so understanding and supportive. I really couldn't ask for a better friend to walk the road of life with. And, my dad's response was classic. He said, "Well, I never understood how you could pass that class without a teacher." He was exactly right. So, this semester I am taking Intermediate French II at UT Arlington on Monday and Wednesday nights. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, to supplement what I am taught in class, I meet with a tutor. In a crazy way, I'm kind of thankful for the chance to get to go back to school. There are times I wish I had taken more classes this semester, and I've toyed with the idea of taking more classes next Fall. One of the things I hated about my time in college was what I chose to major in. Maybe this was my chance to go back and gain interest in getting a second degree. Or, maybe it was to make me thankful for the time I spent getting my first one.

So, for now, what does this mean for going to see my mom? Really, Samson has put more of a damper on that than class because he is supposed to be 16 weeks old before he can be around my parents dogs. As soon as he is old enough Reid and I will start meeting in Little Rock (Reid from where he is staffed and me from Dallas) on the weekends as often as we can. The plan for now is that once class is over on May 7 I'll be back to my old Little Rock routine.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The dining room is finished... I think.

The past few weekends that Reid has been home we have been furniture shopping. Let me preface this by saying that neither one of us likes to shop. We live in Dallas, minutes from NorthPark and the Galleria, and we still prefer to shop online. Thankfully, one of the places we have bought furniture for our house loads the pictures online. If you live in Dallas and have never been to Nadeau you need to go. It is amazing (like IO Metro, the furniture at least, on steroids) and the prices are great, too! These are the pieces we got to finish the dining room. I can't wait to display all of our china and crystal that's been in boxes for three years! Now we just need to find some art to hang on the walls. I guess this house project might be never ending!

This is the table we got in December. We've been waiting for Nadeau to get their Indonesia container in so we could get these pieces:

Monday, February 1, 2010

10 weeks old

Our baby is growing, growing, growing! I just counted tonight and he is ten weeks old to the day. He's also pushing 25 pounds. Hopefully he hasn't surpassed that weight yet because $400 to neuter a dog that's under 25 pounds is already a lot! And, yes, the poor guy is getting neutered this week. Reid is devastated, but we both decided long ago that it was best. So, Friday is the day. More than you wanted to know I'm sure. But then again you are reading my blog. ;)