Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The dining room is finished... I think.

The past few weekends that Reid has been home we have been furniture shopping. Let me preface this by saying that neither one of us likes to shop. We live in Dallas, minutes from NorthPark and the Galleria, and we still prefer to shop online. Thankfully, one of the places we have bought furniture for our house loads the pictures online. If you live in Dallas and have never been to Nadeau you need to go. It is amazing (like IO Metro, the furniture at least, on steroids) and the prices are great, too! These are the pieces we got to finish the dining room. I can't wait to display all of our china and crystal that's been in boxes for three years! Now we just need to find some art to hang on the walls. I guess this house project might be never ending!

This is the table we got in December. We've been waiting for Nadeau to get their Indonesia container in so we could get these pieces:


Corby and Lauren said...

I'm obsessed with the new furniture!!! I love it!!!

Christina said...

Your furniture is gorgeous! You have great taste!

Linds said...

oh I love it! Sadly, my china is STILL in the ORIGINAL boxes from 6 years ago.

Jessica said...

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