Sunday, February 21, 2010

Our Snowy Weekend

This post is a week late. Oops. I feel like we are finally getting in a new routine with Reid being gone four days a week. Don't get me wrong, it is SO much better than the two weekends a month that he would come home while on his Switzerland case, but with every new case we go through an adjustment period.

Last Friday, after Dallas ended up with (something like) 10 inches of snow, our house lost electricity. It was such a bummer. Mainly because we only have the weekends together as it is. Then throw a puppy who doesn't have all of his shots and is too young to be boarded anywhere in the mix. Ugh. All things considered, God and I talked quite a bit last weekend (more to come in another post), and we were so blessed to be able to stay with Lauren, Corby, and Harper Pardue until Sunday when our power did come back!

Since my camera was left at home in our cold house, you can click over to Lauren's blog to see a few pictures that she took from our weekend with them.


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