Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three Months Already?

Let me preface by saying that this post is not intended to offend anyone. I have learned over this past year, while having the privilege of watching your babies grow, that every human life is a true little miracle from the Lord.

On Thursday, I spent the morning taking pictures of Samson in the snow. I then came inside and spent time editing those pictures. A few hours later I realized I had just spent my entire morning doing things for my dog. Not my child, my dog. I was a little embarrassed. So, to make light of the situation, I decided to write a post inspired by my mommy friends.


Tomorrow you will be three months old! Your Dad and I just can't believe how much you've grown since you came to be part of our family. Your 12 week check up isn't until Thursday, but I'll do my best to remember your latest stats.

On February 5 you weighed in at a whopping 22.8 pounds and are gaining about three pounds a week! I'd say that's 90th percentile.

Your head measures 13 tall inches from the ground. And you are ~32 inches long when you stretch out completely. Everyone at the Vet gets so excited when you come to visit. They think you are so cute!

You thrive on a schedule and you act out when it gets thrown off.

I only have to get up once in the night to let you out. You can make it about 5 hours in your crate at night and 4 during the day.

You've been house broken since you were nine weeks old!

You eat one cup of Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Osteo and Digest three times a day.

You like to chew raw hides, but you LOVE to eat bark from the backyard.

You love to play fetch with the tennis ball.

Your favorite place to nap is under my desk in the kitchen.

You love having your belly rubbed, but you hate to be patted.

You have learned to sit and lay down. Sometimes you will stay. It's hit or miss, but you'll figure it out soon.

You get really excited when people come over to visit. And, I can tell you are going to like kids!

Samson, I really am so glad that we chose you! You brighten our days and make us smile. We love you, little guy!




Carly Grace said...

lol. I can relate to this! Many of my status updates and blogs were about Rosie when she was a little puppy! We can't help but love them!

Elizabeth French said...

Hahaha. Made my day.

The Smiths said...

Ha! I love it. :)

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