Sunday, March 14, 2010

16 weeks = 4 months old today!

8 weeks & 16 weeks

16 weeks is a big puppy milestone at our house! It means we can finally make trips to the dog park and spend a day at doggy daycare this week! Daycare will not become routine for us, but we are going to board him for the first time a month from now and want him to be familiar with where he is going to stay. Now that I wrote it out, it sounds even more ridiculous, but whatever. Until we have a baby, my tendency is to treat him like my child. Oh, so I better not forget to record that he lost his first two puppy teeth today. Top front. Bless his heart.


Linds said...

haha! I love it! Toby frequented the doggy daycare a lot when we were both working. Now he tends to sleep on the bed all day, worrying about if he'll get fed and watered, or worse, have his fur pulled out by the small human that has invaded our house.

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