Friday, March 19, 2010

My New Favorite

This is my new favorite picture of Samson. We were playing in the yard today and you can tell he is clearly unhappy that I chose to take a picture rather than play "tug" with him. He is now 16 weeks and 43 pounds. That's right, he nearly DOUBLED in size in one month (at 12 weeks he was 26 pounds)! At every visit the vet keeps asking me if I understand how big he is going to be. Um, yeah, his parents were both 100 pounds, and I'm the one buying the expensive, easy to digest, osteo health dog food. I get it! ;)

I went to Little Rock to visit my Mom and the rest of my family this week. More about that trip and pictures coming soon!


Carly Grace said...

such a sweet, pitiful face! I have been thinking about your mom lately. Love, Carly

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