Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Bit of Little Rock

I was able to spend a week in Little Rock last week and it was wonderful! George came to see Mom with me one day. He stayed awhile and tried to keep her awake while I waited to feed her dinner. She was so sleepy that he put her right to sleep tickling her arm. Its her favorite - especially when George does it. Friday night my dad and I went out to see her before bedtime and she was the most alert I had seen her all week. She was "talking" up a storm when we walked in and she didn't stop until we tucked her into bed. What she says usually doesn't make much sense, but she was just laughing and smiling at everything my dad was saying. She also told my dad she loved him. It was a fun night and I'm so glad I was there for it.


Linds said...

ok, that cracks me up that she likes George to tickle her arm... it's the little things in life right?! haha. And how sweet that she told your dad she loved him. I love it that yall were able to have a fun night with her! Love you friend!

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