Thursday, May 20, 2010

French Update

Well, I went into the final exam and essay with an average of 88. let me just say that describing my emotional state as "nervous" would he an understatement. To make matters worse, we wouldn't find out our grades on those last two assignments or our final class grades for over a week! I've had moments of sheer terror seeing myself applying for summer school. French again would not be OK.

So, Tuesday I checked my email thinking there wasn't supposed to be any news until Thursday. Low and behold... I made a 90 on the essay and a 97 on the final (might be my highest test grade ever!) which puts my final grade for French at an "A". Yay!

I took that victory as an opportunity to treat myself to mozzerella sticks at Sonic that afternoon. Because, really, what's a better reward than fried cheese served in a cardboard container?

And, last but not least, Reid, thank you for ALWAYS being my biggest fan! And for your willingness to pay an "arm and a leg" for Gilbert (pronounced in a throaty French accent) the French tutor. I love you!


Linds said...

Way to go college grad! And I agree, mozzy sticks were a great treat for you :)

Corby and Lauren said...

YUM....thanks for mentioning my most favorite treat... now I want some too!!! And once again, I am SO proud of you!!!!!

Julia said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you! Next on the list, a visit to Florida. That's right under mozzerella sticks from Sonic (yuuummmm!), right? Love you!

brian :) said...

great news! i'll start planning the graduation party soon!

Carly Grace said...

Way to go, Mare! I'm sure that's a huge weight off your shoulders!

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