Thursday, July 8, 2010

10 Favorite Things

Michelle did a post of her "10 Favorite Things" of summer and I thought I'd share mine (in no particular order, but the first. ;)

1. Summer weekends with Reid

2. Hummus

3. Crossfit - So glad I finally went back, even if its only been a week!

4. Sonic un-sweet tea with Splenda

5. Central Market's Italian Cream Cake - Hello lover.

6. Sushi

7. "Cool" mornings with Samson at White Rock

8. Traveling - Puerta Vallarta in a little more than a week!

9. Hanging out with friends and family

10. Mad Men - We love having a series to watch together and needed a new one since Lost ended.


Linds said...

cool mornings in Texas? Say it aint so :) And how did I not know you were going to Puerta Vallerta? Will you be gone ALL next week??? We have our BIG ultrasound on Tuesday and I want to call you :)

john, julia, and annie said...

Love that post! Yay for CrossFit Richardson as #3!! Woo hoo!! WE are glad YOU are back! :) Loved meeting Reid the other day too!

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