Saturday, July 10, 2010

Annabelle and Mary Wesley

The Smith Family

Mary Marshall and Kyle were one of the first couples that we met when we moved to Dallas. Kyle and Reid were staffed locally, and MM and Kyle were newlyweds, too! There were team dinners, double dates, a holiday party, dinners with MM when the guys were traveling, an OW Summer BBQ, and much more!

Two years ago they moved to the Middle East to join the Dubai office and we've missed them dearly! About a year ago we got a fun email announcement that said they were pregnant... With twins... And moving to Zurich! WOW! So, two years later we we able to hug their necks (Reid actually got to hang out with them while he was staffed in Zurich last Fall/Winter) and meet sweet Annabelle and Mary Wesley!

(I'm sick I forgot my camera!)

Love this one of Kyle and Gabe feeding the girls.


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