Monday, January 9, 2012

11 Weeks

Well, I updated Blogger today and some how my 11 Week post got deleted. I'm so ticked and not really happy with the new blogger format. It was a lose, lose.

So, since the thought of rewriting the post makes me want to cry, I'll just share the pictures and a few highlights.

We were able to see the babies on Monday. And we heard heartbeats. Such a sweet sound - I am so in awe of the way God creates life. They looked wonderful and I was reassured that what I am doing is working well. They all measured between 11 weeks and 11 weeks 2 days. I contemplated recording what my uterus is measuring, but some things are best left unsaid. Our next appointment isn't until January 20. This will be the longest time we've gone without seeing them. We are spoiled!

 And now for belly pics. Here's the difference a month makes...

 7 weeks 2 days
10 weeks 6 days

With each day that passes we get more and more excited! Can't wait to meet our babies!


Amber said...

Mare, congrats on these 4 sweet babies! I'm excited to follow this journey for your family. I enjoy your blog a lot and love watching God do great things in your life. Blessings to you!

Emily Richardson said...

I said I would never do belly shots either.. A) because I wanted to be sensitive to those trying to get pregnant since we had been there. B) does anyone other than me/ family really care? C) Do I really want my big belly on the web for all to see? BUT then I started thinking about it and it was MY pregnancy after all and I wanted it documented. Mainly so I could compare how I big I get with the next one. Also, because my family really DID care and they don't see us every week or month. Finally, I thought Annabel may enjoy seeing it one day. And if I were you I would FOR SURE document those four babies! It is amazing how God designed our bodies to grow other little humans and being pregnant is only a very small fraction of your life so why not document every.single.moment! Praying for those little ones!

Linds said...

Every time I see a picture of them, I will always be reminded that God truly does answer prayers, and gives us much more than we ever ask of Him. And yes, when it comes to pregnancy/childbirth and children... never say never. I find myself eating my words daily. ha!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your sweet babies. I found your blog and instantly felt excited for you and a need to pray for these four babies! May you carry them as long as possible and birth four fat, healthy beauties! :) God bless!

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