Friday, January 20, 2012

12 Week Pictures

We had our weekly appointment today and everything looked great. Here are their latest measurements:

Babies A & C - 12 weeks 4 days (right on target)
Baby B - 12 weeks 1 day (a little smaller than the others but nothing to be worried about)
Baby D - 13 weeks (already measuring into next week)

When we were told that Baby D was measuring big Reid quickly responded with, "That's my boy!" I couldn't help but have visions of that being our only daughter and told him to be careful what he says. Baby D now has the most space and poor A is scrunched with siblings surrounding. Baby C takes the best picture and Baby B was the most active. Their little profiles and arms were much more defined today. For the first time I thought they actually looked like cute little babies. Its crazy how much they change in just 10 days. It is so fun to get to see them grow and see how different they all are even in the womb.

An interesting fact I just want to remember for memory's sake is that I am measuring at 20 weeks. In other words, if a resident who didn't know my history (and assumed I was having just one baby) came to examine me, he would conclude I am 20 weeks along. After a week of worrying I wasn't big enough that news made me feel SO MUCH better. I guess being tall is finally paying off!

Again, we feel so blessed that all the babies are doing so well. It is such a tangible answer to prayer every time we go to the doctor. We know that God has a special purpose for all four of these babies and we feel so very honored to get to be a part of it.


Lindsay said...

Love all these updates Mare!

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