Saturday, March 3, 2012

18 week appointment

We had our appointment on Thursday this week. Everything looked great with the babies. They are all growing really well, heartbeats were strong - all 149 to 158. We even got to see them in 3D which was unexpected. They usually don't even do 3D until around 27 weeks because the babies are so small and don't have much (if any) fat on them. But, our sonographer gave us an unexpected peak which was neat. I'm going to wait to share those pictures until we do them again later on in the pregnancy. I think it will be more fun to have something to compare them to.

I am measuring in at 32 weeks. I am starving all. the. time. I eat every two to three hours during the day and usually wake up to eat a granola bar in the night. I just got a pregnancy pillow and it's making a world of difference for my sleeping. I'm feeling the babies move a lot more this week. Most movement is concentrated by my belly button - where B and C are positioned. The other morning I woke up and felt what I'm pretty sure was a "kick, kick" from baby A or C. (Can you tell I'm trying really hard to know what I'm talking about?) ;)

Each week (starting at week 17) they've measured the length of my cervix. Each week there will be some change and that's completely normal. As my doctor says, we are asking A LOT of my body. My body, however, is handling things exceptionally well. The goal has always been to be as conservative as possible with my pregnancy. So, my doctor went ahead and put me on bed rest. I can still shower, get up for meals, etc. He just wants me laying down more than I'm standing up. Things like running errands and cleaning the house are off limits. It's crazy how when you can do those things you don't really want to, but when someone tells you not to do them it's all you can think about. I know it's time to slow down and the less I do now will mean bigger, healthier babies in the end. You can be praying that my body will continue to handle the pregnancy well and for continued protection over our girls.

Here are their pictures this week!


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