Monday, March 5, 2012

19 weeks

Only five weeks away from viability! So exciting to be this close. Things are still going well. I'm on modified bed rest which hasn't been terrible. It was a little bit of a bummer that I had to lay in bed or on the couch the majority of the time our families were here this weekend. It was great having them here regardless.

We had a wonderful couples shower on Friday with Dallas friends. The hostesses didn't skip a detail and made it so very special for us! We are blessed to have such generous friends who are so excited about our girls!

This weekend we started getting the nursery ready. We bought cribs and a dresser several months ago. The rug and bedding arrived Monday. The painter finished on Thursday. And, we put everything together on Saturday. We still have to order the nursery gliders and finalize the wall decor. It's coming together and I'm so glad the bulk of it was done by the time bed rest began. Here's a little sneak peak...

I'm still feeling OK. My ribs ache constantly and laying down isn't very comfortable. Icy Hot has become my new best friend! The pregnancy pillow the doctor recommended is helping me sleep much better. I am feeling the babies move so much more this week. It's kind of weird feeling it all over my stomach and knowing which baby is moving. I can't wait until Reid is able to feel them, too!

Here's a (terribly blurry) 19 week pic! I'll post the ones Reid took last night when I update about our appointment later this week.


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