Saturday, March 24, 2012

21 week appointment

We had our weekly appointment yesterday morning. My cervix didn't respond to the home bed rest last week so I'm all moved into the hospital and will be here until the babies are born. I'm not dialating or contracting, the doctor just wants me to be monitored daily and to be here in the event something does happen. There's still no reason to think we won't be able to make it to 28+ weeks, which is very reassuring! My nurse told me that ten years ago she had a patient of with quads who went on hospital bed rest at 18 weeks and didn't deliver until 32. That was really encouraging news!

The other encouraging news is that the babies are doing great! They are all measuring around 23w1d and I'm only 21w4d. Our doctor was astounded and said that it is rare for a singleton to measure so far ahead, much less quads! I'm so glad the babies are so healthy and that my issue is the only one we are dealing with!

While in the hospital I'll be seen by a resident at 6 a.m. every morning and after that the on call doctor from my practice will come make his rounds. I'll get sonograms twice a week from the maternal/fetal specialists. Every three weeks from here out they'll do the babies measurements. My vitals are taken every eight hours around the clock and I get to wear these neat pumping ankle circulation things 12 hours a day (note the sarcasm there).

I spent the past week preparing myself for the hospital. I just had this feeling that if there was any change my doctor wasn't going to mess around and let me stay at home another week. But, I've still been really sad. I started crying yesterday morning when the doctor said it was time for the hospital and finally pulled myself together by late afternoon. I know that this is what's best for the babies and it's not that I'm not happy to do whatever it takes to get them here safely. It just hit me yesterday morning when we went back home to pack my bags (and say bye to Samson) that the next time I go home I'll be a mom of four. And I'm beyond thrilled, but I think I was in complete denial the last few months that I'd really be in the hospital for two or more months. I told Reid today that it really is crazy to me that I've cried over bed rest MUCH more than I ever cried about having quads. ;)

Anyway, on the bright side there aren't visiting hours and kids are always welcome, too. Samson can come for a visit once I've been here a month (some kind of standard rule). I get to "order" what I want to eat everyday and they have a kids menu that includes fries and chicken strips. There's ice cream and sorbet at the nurses station - all I have to do is press a button and they'll bring me some. And, my incredible husband is working his tail off to make sure that I feel like this sterile hospital room is a real home away from home. He's been nothing less than amazing through this entire pregnancy. Our girls have an amazing Daddy and will know one day that he was just as responsible as I was for getting them here safely.

I also just want to thank all of our wonderful friends who helped make it possible for me to be at home last week - Erica, Lauren, Clara, Ryan, Caroline, Christen, and many others who offered to help in some way - thank you! And thank you to everyone for continued prayers. I really could not get through this without all of your encouragement and support!


Jenny and Mark Bradley said...

I would cry too. That is a long time that you are going to be away from home. It's not easy to just sit around and wait, especially when you probably feel like you need/want to get things done. I am and will be praying for you and those girls!

Christina said...

Many prayers for you as you continue to prepare for your sweet babies! I know you feel so blessed to have such a wonderful partner in all of this. You guys are going to be amazing parents.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, and will pray for you as you patiently :) await for the arrival of your baby girls! Try to rest and enjoy this time as much as you can- I know it will not be easy!

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