Monday, March 19, 2012

21 weeks

This morning I came to the realization that strict bed rest is nature's way of making a mother of multiples really ready to handle the task of taking care of her babies. Yes, I was put on strict bed rest as of Friday morning. Day 4 of bed rest and I'm already seeing so many similarities between this and my first few months as a new mom of four.

- I can take one five minute shower a day. No time to blow dry my hair.
- I can only get up to go to the bathroom. But I must be quick!
- I depend on someone else to run all my errands and prepare my meals.
- I shop solely online. Amazon Prime is amazing!

New moms, I know you can relate. Really, the only thing that will be different is that my husband won't question what I'm doing every time I get up for a bathroom break... Or hopefully he won't. :)

We originally thought that strict bed rest wouldn't happen for a few more weeks. At my appointment on Friday we discovered that the weight of the babies is finally starting to take its toll on my body. The doctor has said all along that because we are asking so much of my cervix (sorry, but there's not a better way to explain it) I'd likely spend several months on bed rest. It was just a matter of when that would happen. And, considering that my body thinks I'm 36 weeks pregnant with one baby, everything that's happening is completely normal. The great news is that other than needing to be on bed rest everything else is going well. Our goal is still 30+ weeks and I think we can do it. What I do have to keep reminding myself of is that God is the only one who knows their birthday. His plan may be for them to come earlier than we hope. Ultimately, we are trusting His timing will be perfect.

I'm feeling about the same. Tired and pretty achy most days. A baby discovered my ribs this week which has been less than pleasant at times. I have been feeling all of the babies move and Reid was able to really feel them which was exciting. You can press on different areas of my stomach and feel where a baby is. That might be the weirdest thing that we've discovered so far!

Our doctor did give us the go-ahead to take some maternity pictures at home this weekend. Here's a sneak peak that our photographer, Andi Stubblefield, posted on Facebook. We are so excited to see the others!

The girls looked great at our appointment on Friday. The sonographer even asked if I'd been drinking more water this past week because the fluid around Baby D looked so much better. I hadn't done anything differently, but obviously God answered our prayers to keep her fluid levels safe. They didn't give us exact measurements of the girls this week, but we know they are getting bigger and bigger everyday! In the photos below A, B, & C are looking at you and D is snuggled face down. This was the first week that photogenic Baby C didn't show us her cute profile!

I didn't take a belly pic yesterday, but here's one from last Thursday at 20w4d.

Happy Monday!

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Christina said...

You look beautiful, and I just love the sneak peek from your photographer!!! Many prayers for you during these last months!

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