Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life to Her Years

When we found out that Reid would be a dad to four little girls one of our good friends sent us a link to the sweetest website, Life to Her Years. The blog is written by a dad who posts a different "thought" for everyday. They are so sweet and its so neat how excited each one makes Reid. I think it made him realize just how special these daddy/daughter relationships will be! I was reading through some of them today and found this. Thought it was too precious not to share.

“A true father is always there. He is there to spill tears of happiness when his eyes fall upon his infant daughter. He is there with arms to catch her when she takes her first steps or stumbles. He is there to teach her at the youngest age, even though she might not understand half of it. He is there to help her color inside the lines, make her grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, and tie her shoes. He is there to hug her and kiss her on her first days of school, and to walk her in if need be. He is there to teach her and tease her and laugh with her. He is always there to embarrass her, but that’s part of life. He is there to tell her to go ask her mother, when her mother told her to ask him. He is there to lecture her, prepare her for the monster called high school. He is there to put up with her teenage moods and her co-ed relationships. He is there to approve, disapprove, accept and forgive. He is there to give her a big bundle of flowers when she graduates, to smile when her name is called and feel proud. He is there to embrace her and kiss her before she goes to live and learn a thousand miles away. He is there to see her become a workingwoman, to walk her down the aisle (or not, if her independence and stubbornness prevail after all). He is there to watch her grow as the lines on his face grow. He is there to welcome her home, always, and let her hug him and smell the smell she remembers from childhood, the warm, protecting, comforting smell of dad. But most of all, he is always there to love her. And she is always there to love him back.” -Katie Schmarr


Julia Acosta said...

Amazing. Definitely have tears in my eyes...for many reasons. But how lucky are your girls to have Reid?? I can't wait to see him with them. Thanks for sharing this site. I'll be passing it along.

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