Friday, April 27, 2012

Three weeks!

Guess who's three weeks old today... Olivia!

The nurse she had last night made her a pretty bow for the occasion. Nothing like a tiny girl with a big bow in her hair! The nurses say they can't believe a baby born so early has so much hair already. (The lighting wasn't very good today. She threw a fit when we took the blanket off of her isolette so we quickly apologized and put it back.)

We discovered this afternoon that she might sleep with her eyes open like her daddy. I'm trying to be OK with it. ;) Olivia is doing well and still recovering from the surgery. We are hoping that she'll get to start eating again tomorrow morning. You can pray that her gut will be ready and she'll be able to start packing on the pounds.

Sucking on a paci for the first time.

Covering her eyes from the light.

Mommy and Liv earlier this week.

 Daddy changing her diaper again last night.

And, we thought she needed a three week birthday present. Tiny girl jammies and first year stickers!

Happy weekend everyone!


Laura said...

Beautiful baby girl!

Debbie said...

Praying for Olivia, her Mommy and Daddy! Just remember, even though it seems impossible....God loves her even more than you do :) said...

Gorgeous baby girl, love the jammies, my prayers will be just what you asked for. xoxoxo Michelle

Shaylea said...

Precious girl!

Drew said...

well she fits right into the south with that big ol' bow. And like I always said, "the bigger the bow, the better the mom." ;) Love her arm over her eyes-- kinda looks like she might be a drama queen :) Way to go Reid for being super daddy and changing those diapers-- you've got a keeper Mare! Love you and pray for all of you daily!

Linda Chapman said...

How perfectly WONDERFUL!!! I watch for your every post and cheer - and pray - you and your little one on!
Love and prayers for your sweet Olivia!

Tesha said...

Such a sweet present, saying a prayer for her tummy.

Angie said...

She is beautiful,praying for all of you.

Cara said...

Love the bow and little outfit! You are a natural mother Mare and look amazing, and what a sweet daddy changing diapers like a pro! Praying for you Olivia that you can start eating again soon! We love you all!

Mrs. Thicksten said...

How beautiful! I pray for you daily. That baby girl is so lucky to have you two as her mommy and daddy.

Anonymous said...

She is soooooooo beautiful! What a little miracle.
I pray for all of you.
You are one courageous,strong lady.
Bless you.

Chris Spafford said...

That is an amazing head of hair...I am SUPER jealous! Very happy the surgery went well and lots of love and prayers being sent your way!

And do I ever love the pics of Reid changing diapers....NICE!!!!

Emily said...

I found your blog through another blog, and I want to tell you how beautiful your daughter is.

I had my triplets at 25 weeks 6 days so I know what you are going through with your Olivia.

If I could get your address, I've got some things that my triplets would love to pass on to your sweet daughter. Email me at

I'm praying for the three of you!

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