Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy FIVE Months

Our little love bug is five months old today! FIVE MONTHS! We at having so much fun with her these days. She's smiling more in response to us and even laughed for the first time last week - sweetest sound ever. She is changing so much from week to week. It blows my mind how alert she has become. She looks around and takes everything in. She has mastered rolling from tummy to back, and I'm pretty sure that she'll roll from back to tummy pretty soon. She's been rolling onto her side at night in her crib - so cute but it makes me a nervous wreck! We are trying to be more consistent about bedtime routine. We had a checkup last week and her doctor was really pleased with how well she's doing without oxygen. She weighed 8 pounds, one ounce. Growing like a little weed!

We took several pictures this morning and she couldn't have been cuter! Showing off for the camera at a young age!


Catie said...

Happy 5 months to her! She is getting so big. :) Such a beautiful baby.

Isylla-Beth said...

Oh Goodness she is soo sweet:)

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