Monday, January 7, 2013

Nine Month Appointment

We just got home from Olivia's appointment and the doctor confirmed what Reid and I already knew to be true - she's perfect! ;) He was pleased with her weight gain considering she's so active and said we can start solids this week. I'm so excited to see what she thinks. She weighs 11 pounds 12.8 ounces and is 24 inches long. I can't believe she has doubled in length since birth. Her doctor said that developmentally she is 6-7 months (she's just 5 months adjusted). It was really great to hear she's ahead of what they expect. She was showing off so much for him - laughing, smiling, squealing, scooting, pushing up with her arms and tucking her legs. She loves showing all of her tricks!

I am, once again, overwhelmed with thankfulness. From the time my water broke through Olivia's first month of life, a very grim picture was painted about what life could possibly be like for her. And, that was if she were to even survive the trauma of such an early birth. I don't, and may never, understand why she had to go through all that she did. BUT, I KNOW that she is a very real, tangible example that God works in miraculous ways. She is without a doubt one of God's incredible miracles and I'm so grateful for His work in her life.


Allison said...

What a Blessing!

Jennifer F said...

It has been a privilege to see what the Lord has done these 9 months. I also shared this post on my blog so that my friends who have been praying for her could also rejoice. :o)

God bless you!

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