Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I just spent the last 30 minutes feeding, rocking, and cuddling my Livi girl. She's having a growth spurt, affirmed by the eight ounce weight gain over the last seven days, and has been waking up in the night to eat since Thursday. It's so easy for me to get frustrated about my lack of sleep or stressed that all of our hard, sleep training work is being undone. But, nights like tonight, I just feel overwhelmed with thankfulness - I'm reminded that I have the privilege of being the mommy who's needed. Thank you, Lord, for making her mommy.

"If these are the pleasures afforded to sinful men,
what does God have in store for those whose hearts are His?"


Sara said...

Thank you for posting this today! I'm up early feeding my little girl who is messing up her normal schedule that we've been so good about sticking to. It's such a good reminder to have gratitude for each moment we have to be a mother to such sweet little children. What a beautiful girl Miss Olivia is :)

Linds said...

great perspective Mare! I could just pinch her cheeks-- love those chubby baby cheekers!

Meg said...

Look at her sweet sleeping self! She's precious!

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