Sunday, March 3, 2013

This and That

I have a 10 month post in the works which is good because Olivia will be 11 months old on Wednesday! :) We are having so much fun these days and can't wait for RSV season to be over and let the world (ok, maybe an exaggeration) meet our girl!
Here is a glimpse of our days via iPhone pics...

First time in the excersaucer! She was very serious about it and would have liked to stay there all day.

Playing with one of her very favorite toys. Thank you to our sweet friend Ella for sharing with us!

Getting that tummy off the ground and rocking on all fours. Still not quite sure what comes next.

Swinging fun! My dad and Ann gave Olivia a swing for Christmas. We couldn't find a great tree to hang it in so Reid and his dad built a swing set. We love our backyard and its so nice to have something to play with back there.

A quick visit to the doctor. No shots this time so she was a happy girl!

Snuggling in Mommy's lap. She is my little cuddle buddy.

Can't keep her on her play mat. She scoots all over. She also loves practicing her "superman" moves. She's usually squealing and bouncing up and down flapping her arms.

She loves Samson so much. Samson, on the other hand, could really care less. But, he is very gentle and tolerates her extremely well. If we are playing on the floor he is usually close by trying to make sure they get equal attention.

She was pulling her camera off the crib (and was SO pleased with herself) so I mounted it. If this picture was a video you would hear her crying and throwing a fit when she realized she couldn't reach the cord anymore. The girl is determined and has liked having "projects" since she was teeny tiny - in the NICU she would slowly work her feeding tube out with her tongue, for example. (And, the monitor cord was not as unsafe as it sounds. Promise.)

Every morning I bring her in my bed for her first feeding. After she eats we snuggle and play in the big bed. It is one of my favorite times of our day together.

We finally have the food thing figured out and she loves mealtime! Especially getting to feed herself!

She is big enough to sit in her big girl stroller! We love going to Rusty Taco and sitting outside on their big patio. There are certain places in my mind that don't have germs and this is one of them.

Watching the world go by from her toy basket.

And, her two favorite people in the world! :)

It is such a privilege to get to stay home with you and capture all of these fun memories! You, sweet girl, mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love you as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky. You are a treasure, my precious baby, and I still can't believe you are mine.


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Linda said...

She is beautiful!! Your joy brings tears to my eyes! Blessings all around!!

Erin and Ryan said...

The little fish on her bum in the picture where she is on the bed is too cute :)

What kind of stroller do you have? I really like it!

Mary Virginia said...

Hi Erin! Thanks so much! The stroller is the Baby Jogger City Select. We absolutely love it!

Mary Virginia said...

Thank you so much! Your sweet comments mean so much!

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