Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Why You Didn't Fail As A Mother"

When we found out we were pregnant in November 2011 we were given a due date. That date was July 30. We would find out a few weeks later that making it full term wasn't going to happen while carrying four babies. Still, everything we did revolved around that date, how early they would be born was measured from that date, and, even now, everything we work on developmentally with Olivia is measured by that date.

Last night a website called Still Standing Magazine reposted a month old blog entry on Facebook. I don't think it was by coincidence that it showed up in my news feed. I think, on the eve of what would have been my girls' first birthday, God knew I needed to read it. It addresses so many of the lies I still battle to overcome. If you've ever lost a child - whether miscarriage, stillbirth, or any age after birth - I hope this touches you as it did me.

by Angela Miller

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby #5 is a...

GIRL! Olivia is getting another sister! We are over the moon with excitement! Mary Brooke looks perfect and we can't wait to meet her later this year!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello Blogland

Well, I really didn't mean to take such a long break from blogging. It's been two months and there's lots to catch up on!

Lets start with the biggest happening - Baby #5! Everything is going really well. I feel great and often times still forget I'm pregnant. This time around has been so much easier on my body and I'm grateful. I've been able to work out doing non-impact activity (think bike and elliptical) but considering I could do nothing last time this has been great. I will be 18 weeks along on Thursday and we have our big u/s to find out the gender. I don't have a hunch either way and can't wait to find out who this baby is! It is crazy that in just 10 more days we will be to the halfway point. December will be here before we know it!
Here are a few belly pics for good measure. The pic on the left is with the girls and on the right is #5. See why I can forget I'm pregnant? :)

Olivia is just amazing! July 16 marks one year since we brought her home and July 30 would have been her first birthday had we made it to her due date. I've found myself overwhelmed with thankfulness these past few weeks thinking about all of the unknowns we faced a year ago and for all the answered prayers we've seen in her life. She is remarkable, resilient, determined, feisty, FUNNY, inquisitive, very loving, a mover, loves to dance, wave "hi", clap her hands, crawls FAST (mostly like a little army man), loves the water, loves Samson and other dogs, loves to read books (especially Olivia Counts), she loves to jump and climb, pulls up on everything and is starting to cruise along the furniture, loved to walk behind her push toy until it fell over on her :( , she's a great sleeper and takes two naps a day, she loves her Bitty Baby and Jellycat toys (she sleeps with her bunny and pig - it's so sweet!), loves to "shake, shake, shake" anything that makes noise, her favorite show is Dora, loves going on walks, she learned to give kisses and especially likes to kiss herself in the mirror (what can I say, even she knows she's something special!), she regularly says "mama", "dada", "night night", shakes her head "no". She has said "hi" and "no" but not regularly and not always in correct context. She's a pretty good eater. She completely weaned herself the beginning of June and didn't seem phased - for which I was very thankful! She's taking ~3 bottles of pediasure and eats 2-3 good/big meals a day with a little snack in between.

There's lots more to share but I'll try to write separate posts for more of her highlights.

Here are some recent pics of our sweet baby bug!

We love you, Olivia!!!