Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Why You Didn't Fail As A Mother"

When we found out we were pregnant in November 2011 we were given a due date. That date was July 30. We would find out a few weeks later that making it full term wasn't going to happen while carrying four babies. Still, everything we did revolved around that date, how early they would be born was measured from that date, and, even now, everything we work on developmentally with Olivia is measured by that date.

Last night a website called Still Standing Magazine reposted a month old blog entry on Facebook. I don't think it was by coincidence that it showed up in my news feed. I think, on the eve of what would have been my girls' first birthday, God knew I needed to read it. It addresses so many of the lies I still battle to overcome. If you've ever lost a child - whether miscarriage, stillbirth, or any age after birth - I hope this touches you as it did me.

by Angela Miller


Leslie said...

What a true article. I miscarried twins over 10 years ago - in fact, their 10th birthday would be in a few weeks. I spent months punishing myself and wondering if thinks could have been different if I had done somethings or hadn't done others. It's hard to not go "there" when you are so sad, but your article is very true. I'm saving it. Thanks for sharing.

Brittany said...

Thanks for sharing! I lost my little brother (19 years old) in December, and my mom is experiencing a lot of those things described in the article. I passed it along to her for encouragement!

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