Monday, August 26, 2013

Grandma Ann

Let me first start by saying this is one of the many posts that is long overdue. I'm hoping to get caught up in the next few weeks with all the happenings of this year!

In June 2012 my dad was set up on a blind "date" with a lady named Ann. They had never met which is extremely strange for two people who have lived in Little Rock, what I will always consider a small town, their entire adult lives. They both went into the meeting with the expectation that, at the very least, this person would be a fun friend to go to dinner, movies, etc. with. Well, they instantly hit it off that night and have been together ever since! My dad proposed just before Christmas and they were married at their church, in a simple ceremony with just the two of them and their pastor, on Valentine's Day of this year.

I could go on and on and on about how amazing Ann is and how lucky we ALL are that she's part of our family now. She is one of the most genuine, caring people I have ever met. From the beginning she accepted Reid, Olivia, George, Jenny, Eleanor and me and treated us as if we were her own. I'll give you the perfect example: After they were married my dad sold his house - the house my brother, sister and I had lived in our entire lives. The thought of clearing it out was a daunting prospect and thinking about memories of your childhood being packed away was really sad. But, Ann made it her mission to make their "new" house a blend of both families. My sister called me one day to tell me that our baby portraits, my wedding portrait, other snapshots of our family life, and familiar furniture were scattered throughout the house. It meant so much to all of us that she made the house feel like we'd always been there. Back in March Olivia and I went for a visit. I asked Ann one afternoon if it was OK if a friend stopped by and she looked at me with a smile and said, "Of course, but you don't need to ask me, this is your house, too!" It really is the little things that make a person feel welcome and Ann is always thinking three steps ahead to make sure that's exactly how we feel. 

Ann, we are all so thankful and blessed that Dad found you! Thank you for being such a wonderful person and for all the many ways you have enriched our lives! We love you!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Well, we made it! It's crazy to think we are now past the point at which Olivia, Madelyn and Mary Grace were born. It's crazy to know exactly what the baby inside me looks like. It's all just crazy. There are a lot of thoughts that have been swirling around my mind the past several weeks. I've felt sad for Olivia that her first months of life were so rough. I think back to those first few months of her life - all the poking and prodding, the machines and wires - and it breaks my heart that she didn't get to stay tucked away in my womb for longer. That's one of the things her doctors always told us in the NICU, no one has figured out how to recreate the womb. I had a lot of anxiety as we approached 22 weeks (the date my water broke with the girls). I've had nothing but great reports from my doctor, but it's really hard to try to reason or distract yourself from worry when you've lived through a worst case scenario. I have to make a conscious decision every single day to take things one day at a time. While I do have hard and fearful days I have to say that this pregnancy really has been bliss. I have felt such an overwhelming sense of thankfulness for a healthy pregnancy. Just the little things like going to the Arboretum on Saturday with my family and being able to comfortably walk around. Being able to chase Olivia around the house, play on the floor with her, or swim at the pool. Being able to ride to (and around) White Rock Lake on my new bike (thank you again to my sweet husband!). The list could go on and on, and I don't take a second of it for granted. So here's to three more months of pregnancy, Lord willing. Can't wait to see what making to full term is like!

Mary Brooke, we are already so beyond thankful for your little life! You are quite a feisty kicker like your big sister was and we can't wait to meet you in three months! Not too much longer, sweet girl!

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