Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Family of Four

If all continues to go well we will be headed home from the hospital tomorrow. I got a little stir crazy this afternoon and walking the halls just wasn't going to cut it so I went down to the gift shop to browse a bit. It feels so good to actually feel good after surgery. I also feel pretty rested and I'm very ready to settle into our new normal at home.

My dad and Ann have been taking care of Olivia and have been such a tremendous help to us. Reid's parents were in town until this afternoon and Olivia got to spend some time with them yesterday. She's been very well taken care of by all her grandparents and I'm pretty sure she hasn't thought twice about us. Out of sight, out of mind.

She has had a cough for a few days so Reid took her to the doctor this morning. Sure enough the cough is just allergy related but sweet girl has her first ear infection. The good news is that she hasn't run a fever and was able to get antibiotics to treat it.

For all the change Olivia has experienced the past few days she's done really, really well. I worried so much the past few months that I wouldn't be able to enjoy my time in the hospital with Mary Brooke because I'd want to be home with Olivia. While I do miss her, it has not even been an issue. Reid and I were talking yesterday about how amazing it's been to know that Olivia is well taken care of and content. Thank you Pawpaw and Grandma for all the peace of mind you have provided us! And thank you to Nonni and Poppi for your help, as well!

Olivia loves her little sister. She was less interested in her tonight and much more interested in the sucker we had waiting for her. :) All in all I don't think we could have asked for their introduction to have gone any better. Olivia loved giving her sister hugs and pointing out her nose and mouth. I have a really cute video I'll try to get posted soon.


Charlotte said...

A million congratulations to the whole family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! A random blog reader who has tears in her eyes after reading your happy ending and hoping for one of our own. Taking to heart your comments on worry from your earlier post. I will trust in God's perfect plan for us. Enjoy your sweet girls!

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