About Me

Reid and I were high school and college sweethearts, though we attended different high schools and dated long distance in college. After dating seven years we were finally married on January 13, 2007. After our honeymoon, we came to Texas to begin a new chapter of life together! 

After a struggle with infertility, we found out on December 7, 2011 that we were expecting quadruplets. My water broke unexpectedly on March 26, setting into motion a chain of events we may never understand on this side of Heaven. The Lord called three of our daughters - Catherine, Madelyn, and Mary Grace - to heaven. Our surviving daughter Olivia is thriving in the NICU, where she will stay until close to July 30. While our loss has been great, we believe that God is still good and His love unfailing. My desire is that you see a glimpse of His goodness and love through this blog.

The night we got engaged

Our wedding day

Honeymoon in Thailand

Austria 2008

Third Anniversary

Samson's first day home

Samson at four months

Mexico 2010

Our Family 2011

Our girls

Our sweet Olivia